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Everything you need to know about getting to the festival! The party starts as soon as the journey begins so to make it EASY and smooth please read the following info carefully…


Parking at the festival site is no longer available. However you can park at one of the designated park and ride locations and catch a free bus to the festival site. This service runs throughout the day/night. Locations to be confirmed soon. Parking fees TBA.

Parking at the festival site is reserved for disabled, festival performers and festival crew only.



This is the ONLY way to travel to and from the festival if you don’t want to drive to a park and ride location! You will need to book one of the free shuttle services from the designated areas around the Sunshine Coast. Please make sure you book your free bus so we can allocate enough buses to each location. Please organise your journey to and from these designated areas. This is a return service that runs at designated times. Bus tickets available soon. Timetables and maps to be announced shortly.

  • All bus tickets are return tickets (to and from the festival)

  • Upon boarding the bus your free bus ticket will be exchanged for a wristband. Please keep this wristband on as it will allow you to board the bus from the festival at the end of the night.

  • DON’T MISS THE BUS! Busses will leave ON TIME. Please be a minimum of 5 minutes early at your departure point.

  • Respect the bus driver. The bus driver reserves the right to refuse boarding of the bus.

  • Any rude, aggressive or intoxicated persons may be refused entry to the bus.

  • Food and beverages may not be consumed on the bus. Dispose of your rubbish in an appropriate fashion. Respect the neighbours when disembarking from the bus.

  • Return buses will depart from the festival site from 9pm

  • Have a safe and fun trip



For safety reasons there is no longer a pick up/drop off zone at the festival site. If you wish to pick up or drop off you must do so from one of the designated park and ride locations. Details to be confirmed soon. There will be no charge to do so. Parking and walking along the highway is dangerous and security/police will enforce this for everyone’s safety.


There is only one usual public bus service that stops at The Big Pineapple Complex. This can hold a limited number of people. We highly recommend you book one of the free shuttle services instead. Please remember you won’t be able to walk to the festival site.



Disabled parking is next to the festival entry on presentation of the correct disabled parking permit at no charge


Taxis and Uber will available from the free shuttle bus service locations around the Sunshine Coast at the end of the night.

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