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JESS B (nz)

Jess B

She made the New Zealand hip hop scene take notice in 2017 when she delivered a compelling performance as the first female MC to perform on David Dallas’  Red Bull 64 Bars, and backed it up with a string of tracks that showed the newcomer was here to stay.  


When she hasn’t been getting stamps on her passport,  Jess B  has continued to infiltrate the New Zealand music industry from within - she’s toured with role-model Ladi6 and supported SIX60 and Fat Freddy’s drop, as well as international acts YG and Lil  Simz  and  Stormzy. 


When she wasn’t spending her days and nights writing and recording at Red Bull Music Studios, Jess has been flexing her creative chops as part of the new generation of local artists.  


Has it really only been two years since we started hearing about JessB?  

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