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Sydney's Alt/R&B cosmonauts, Gold Member, is the lovechild of 3 producers and singer-songwriters.


Their beats and grooves swing between the palms and the party, shooting sultry and soulful, sample soaked songs into the solar system.  Live, Gold Memberare high energy.


A blend of beat driven, freaky, synth wig outs and soulful interplanetary vocals. They bounce tracks through a musical outer-verse that includes Maribou State, LimeCordiale, Nick Murphy and Bob Moses. Recently, they’ve supportedOcean Alleyin EU/UK, appeared on Enter The Wave (FR), Rock Le Bains (FR),  Surfana (NL), BeCider SeasideFest (UK), Hempiness (IT) and just wrapped up performing at Woodford Folk Festival over the New Year.


They’ll continue to bring the heat and spice in 2020

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