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gold member

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Gold Member is the lovechild of Azza G and Gus G, along with recently adopted Jesse (Shewy). Together they are an Electro-skank-hop 3-piece from Sydney infusing zesty melodies, spicy beats and sweet vocals with daiquiri-slinging hooks.


Az with space-sauce vocals, Gus with electronic flava and Jesse bringing cool on keys and bass, Gold Member plates up a delicious mix of genres.


Bringing on the new year this year, Gold Member performed at Woodford Folk Festival for their second time and jumped over to New Zealand to perform at Bay Dreams before coming back home for the annual Sureshaker’s Shake n Bake 2019 tour which featured label mates, The Moving Stills, The Vitriots and Laura Hyde.


Last year they released a new single “Wild Stories’’, re-establishing the signature Gold Member electro-pop sound mixed with soft vocals from Azza, accompanying a chorus that can easily get stuck in your head. The single is from Gold Member’s upcoming album. To be released later this year.