After the success of their 2017 breakthrough  The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, Brisbane trio Danny  Beus, Brett  Jansch  and BC Michaels release Hurry Up And Wait, a record that marks a new chapter in the Dunies  story.


The title is a nod to the constant stop-start of life on the road; rushing to sound checks or airports only to sit around for hours twiddling your thumbs. But while they might be playing to bigger crowds these days, the stuff the trio write about is still as down-to-earth as ever.  


Sonically,  Hurry Up And  Wait  has seen the boys graduate from the two-chord tracks of their early days into their cleanest and most professional sound ever.  

And while it’s been a wild ride since The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit  made Dunies  stars, the friendship between the three guys at the centre of the action is the same as ever. “Our lives haven’t changed much, honestly.


We’ve always just done it together. We always write together—vocals, melodies, lyrics—it’s a fuckin good way to do it,” Danny says 

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