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tones & I

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TONES AND I is Toni “Tones” Watson, an independent Australian solo loop artist from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Tones began her musical journey in 2016 with a broken keyboard and a cheap loop pedal. After locking away for a year to master the art

of looping, she ventured up to Byron Bay in late 2017 in her old van to try her hand at busking.


On the first night, she made more money than she’d been making in a week of her day job. On the second night, she was shut down by the cops because her crowds were spilling onto the road. It was then that she realised she needed something on record, so she jumped back on the road to Melbourne and quit her job.


A few huge hometown busking sessions on Melbourne’s infamous Bourke Street secured her enough goldies for a plane ticket and confirmed it wasn’t just beginner’s luck. Tones then flew back up north and recorded a live demo in a friend’s studio up in the hills.


By the 5th night of captivating massive crowds with her genre - diverse style and BIG effects - laden vocal, she’d sold 500 copies of the demo. At six months in, she’d moved over 2,500 copies of the demo, enticed over 300 punters to her debut headline and performed at a number of boutique festivals. Industry folk are swarming and her loyal fans are holding their breath for the official debut.