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14 years ago an unknown band from Perth, Western Australia pooled their very limited resources and got to work on their debut album. Recorded in various spaces, in various ways, with a slightly varying line-up, they borrowed gear, they borrowed money, they borrowed space and they used some tunings that perhaps haven’t been heard again.


The band were Karnivool and the album that had so much blood, sweat, tears expended on it in those early hours was Themata. Met with huge international acclaim, the band was launched into years of touring the globe, with hordes of madly devoted fans cropping up in every city.


They played headlining sold out shows in iconic European venues like The Melkweg in Amsterdam, the Trabendo in Paris and The Roundhouse in London.


Subsequent releases Sound Awake and Asymmetry only bolstered this success, but they’ve always played extended sets to give the day one fans what they fell in love with.


After a murky few years with the band hunkered down with various projects whilst still chipping away at album #4. They’d done and deleted recording sessions, hadn’t played for almost 18 months (the longest break in the band’s history) and then triumphantly re-emerged for the 2019 UNIFY gathering, with a tiny slew of intimate shows on the way.


With a few new tracks up their sleeves, the ‘Vool are back and ready to blow Big Pineapple Music Festival away.