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fight ibis

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You wouldn't know if the fluorescent garage stoner grooves had infiltrated your mind or if the swing of the warm Jazz Rock had taken a hold of your standing feet, lifting you off like a fiery pollen hurricane of groove.


Fight Ibis are a 5 piece Alternative Indie Garage band from the Sunshine Coast with a love of old-school music and everything real. 


Named Triple J Feature Artist in 2017, the group have had quite the introduction to the national scene, popping up on industry radars with a steady release of punchy singles from latest EP ‘Maddie Had a Caravan’, earning them feature tracks and spot rotation on Triple J.  Tracks such as Dorothy Deadleg, Woolly Bop and Red Door have landed them supports with bands such as The Growlers, Hockey Dad, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and more.


With a high energy live show, the band will take you from Psychedelic riff-induced fits of dance, to fat groove head nods and bouts of singalong chorus lines, all whilst sounding like no one else.


After a break over Christmas, the band is ready to hit the road once more with new material after a loaded 2018.