Sampa The Great hails from Africa. A female poet and singer-songwriter who aims to inspire through music, poetry and visual art, she captures you with her thought provoking words and keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplicity of creativity.

"It's a search for creativity, laughter, purpose and rhythms." With those four simple terms, Sampa the Great describes her astonishing debut release, ‘The Great Mixtape’. Sampa has a penchant for poetry and weaves dense lyrical mazes with her verses, drawing listeners into a lush, imaginative world.

The entire record was produced by Australian beatmaker Godriguez, who has received abundant praise for his progressive tones and wide-spanning style. ‘The Great Mixtape’ contains sounds both classic and completely new. With such a fantastic new release now logged, we can only expect to hear more and more from Sampa.

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