Volunteers play an important role in the success of The Big Pineapple Music Festival. They help to make the environment safe and enjoyable for festival patrons and performers. The following information will help you understand what to expect as a volunteer at the festival in 2014.

What is involved? 

Volunteers will be required to work between 4-5 hours before, during or after the festival. You will also be required to attend an induction/briefing before the festival to explain your role on the day (dates to be confirmed closer to the festival)

Who are we looking for? 

We need many volunteers to ensure The Big Pineapple Music Festival runs smoothly and patrons have the best experience possible. Preference will be given to volunteers that have proven their commitment at previous festivals. We also look highly upon those who:

  • are willing to be assigned to any task to get the job done
  • are flexible e.g. willing to work any hours during the festival
  • don't mind missing the big headlining bands
  • are interested in working additional hours to the designated 4-5 hour shift
  • have any special skills or experience useful for the festival 

Volunteer requirements

As a volunteer of The Big Pineapple Music Festival you will essentially represent the festival to both patrons and public at large. At all times exhibit a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring festival attendees, staff, volunteers and artists have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Our requirements for volunteers of The Big Pineapple Music Festival are as follows:

  • over 18 years old
  • reliable and once you have committed to your role, complete the minimum 4 hours required before, during or after the festival
  • remain under the direction of your Volunteer Manager at all times
  • carry out the duties allocated to you
  • punctual and arrive on time, preferably 15 mins early
  • must not use, possess or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol at any time while volunteering
  • report to your area manager before and after your shift
  • ask for help when needed
  • notify Volunteer Manager if you are unable to attend your shift in advance
  • remain calm and cheerful under pressure
  • treat patrons, staff and fellow volunteers with respect and courtesy

Volunteer positions available (details below)

  • Gate Attendant
  • Ticket Attendant
  • Set Up/ Pack Down Pre & Post festival - non specialised, light labour skills e.g. signage
  • Information Desk
  • Waste Management/Cleaning/Rubbish Disposal
  • Camping Assistants
  • Volunteer Support

Specialised volunteer positions available (details below) 

  • Artist Support (reference essential)
  • Bar Attendant (copy of RSA must be supplied)
  • Set Up/Pack Down Pre & Post festival e.g. forklift, carpenter etc
  • Stage Assistant (experience and reference essential)
  • VIP Support (experience essential)

Click the link to apply docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform

Volunteer position details


Gate Attendants will be a friendly happy face welcoming festival patrons and providing them with direction and information on how to redeem tickets for wristbands with the support of security personnel. Helping the flow of patrons through the front gate and reminding them to get their tickets, ID and bags ready for inspection.

Ticket Attendants will be responsible for ticket scanning at the front gates (training provided) and issuing of wristbands.

Set Up/ Pack Down Pre & Post festival These positions are fundamental in creating and maintaining the festival site. It is important to have a SAFE festival site at all times. Much of the work will be required in the week leading up to the festival , however there is also a demand for early morning before the festival gates open and late evening after the festival closes. Tasks include light labour e.g. constructing fences &  barriers, setting up tables & chairs,  assisting with signage, decorations etc

Information Desk This position requires a friendly and helpful person to support festival patrons with information and direction around the festival site. You will need to have an outgoing personality, effective communication skills and ability to problem solve. This area will also be used as a cloak room.

Waste Management/Cleaning/Rubbish Disposal is an essential role at any festival! As part of the waste management team you will be assisting festival goers with recycling, emptying bins, wheeling bins to new locations and keeping the general area clean and tidy and therefore safe. There will also be a clean up directly after the festival and the following day.

Camping Assistants will be responsible for scanning pre-purchased tickets and directing campers to their camping spots under the guidance of a Camping Manager. These positions will be from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. 

Volunteer Support involves assisting the Volunteers Manager and supporting other festival volunteers in their roles. Be able to fill in volunteer roles as required. Assisting in the volunteers lounge to help supply food and water to fellow volunteers. BBQ skills are a must!


Artist Support This position supports the Artist Liaison Coordinator. You must have previous experience in this field and be professional at all times, supporting artist needs backstage in the greenroom. 

Bar Attendant involves bar service and the supply of liquor in the designated licensed areas. Current RSA certificate is essential and we require a copy prior to the festival. You must be professional, able to work in a busy environment and report at all times to the Bar Manager in your designated area. There are several bars located within the festival grounds. You will also assist in transporting stock from fridges and keeping the bar areas clean.

Set Up/Pack Down Pre & Post festival e.g. forklift, carpenter etc. Much of the hard work from this team will be in the week leading up to the festival. We are looking to tradespeople/handymen/labourers to build/fix around the festival site. You are very valuable!

Stage Assistants manage the movements of artists on and off the stage to ensure performances start and finish on time. You may be required to help move artist instruments and equipment. You need to be a well organised and communicate in a profession, calm manner at all times. Experience is essential for this role.

VIP Support volunteers will provide a welcoming, friendly & comfortable environment for VIP's and artist guests. Several positions are required from welcoming VIP/Guests at the front gate to service in the VIP area.


If you have any questions please contact us at volunteers@bigpineapplemusicfestival.com




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