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Without doubt, one of Australia’s most unique, eclectic and fearless artists, as evidenced by her electric shows, spine-tingling vocal deliveries and outrageous costumes.

Releasing her future-soul debut ‘Lamentations’ in 2013 to acclaim, leading to her first ever slot at Glastonbury and shows with Alicia Keys and John Legend, Ngaiire has left no genre unturned in her search for herself.

While she’ s spent time writing music for dance companies, creating crazy sound installations for David Walsh’s MONA FOMA, collaborating with fashion designers, dreaming of working with Warhol and Phillip Glass and generally being a boho-R’n’B- weirdo-dilettante, the biggest project for this powerhouse performer has been new record Blastoma.

We can’t wait to hear it live at BPMF!