Everything you need to know about getting to the festival! The party starts as soon as the journey begins so to make it EASY and smooth not the following


This is the BEST form of travel to and from the festival, you don’t need to worry about anything but getting on the bus, no hassle with parking, driving.  Services ARE limited buy before they sell out!!!  


Translink public buses will continue to operate, Route 610 & 636 operates from 6am – 7.15pm approx. Visit www.translink.com.au for further information. These buses stop directly outside the festival.


Parking is $10 CASH ONLY per vehicle and we have parking in the following 2 areas as marked on the map.  Entry is at the Big Pineapple or via Aird Road off Nambour Connection Road.


Disabled parking Is adjacent to the festival entry on presentation of the correct disabled parking permit. No charge to park.


This zone acts like an airport and you can only stop here when dropping people off or picking someone up that is ready waiting.  NO STOPPING PERMITTED on Nambour Connection Road from Aird Lane on the southern side to Garrad Road and the northern side to Shultz Road.


A separate taxi rank will be set up on the festival side of Nambour connection rd. (Please see map)

Please be patient when leaving the festival, with so many people attending this can take some time but some info to help you out.


Only those with the shuttle service wristband that have been pre purchased will be able to access buses. SO GET YOURS BEFORE THE DAY!! They won’t be available on event day. Buses will leave promptly if you are not there by the designate time they will leave without you!


Arrange a group ride with your mates at the end of the night.


Please be patient with exiting the venue everyone will be trying to leave at the same time.


If your ride turns up and you are not there they will be told to circle again.  Like an airport they can only stop once you are there to collect.   So give them a heads up when you are at the spot to collect.


Services are limited and will endeavor to provide the most efficient service possible but plan ahead grab a couple of people heading in the same direction to share a taxi.  Please see map for location.

JUST SOME REMINDERS to make your journey TO and FROM the festival as seemless as possible… remember these few things

  • Charter bus tickets may only be pre-purchased online. There are NO cash sales on the day of the festival.
  • Bus tickets are NON REFUNDABLE
  • Photo ID must be presented in order to verify ticket holder before gaining entry to the bus. To change the name* on your ticket you need to reissue it by logging in to your moshtix account. *fees apply and all names changes/reissues will close at 12 midday on Thursday May 25th.
  • Upon boarding the bus the ticket will be exchanged for a wristband. Please keep this wristband on as it will allow you to board the bus to leave the festival post event. Lost wristbands will NOT be replaced.
  • If you choose not to travel to the festival on the bus, you can pick up your bus wristband from the TICKET BOX on entry to the festival.
  • DON’T MISS THE BUS! Busses will leave ON TIME. Please be a minimum of 5 minutes early at your departure point. If you are late and miss the bus no refunds will be offered in this case.
  • Respect the bus driver. The bus driver reserves the right to refuse boarding of the bus.
  • Any rude, aggressive or intoxicated persons may be refused entry to the bus.
  • Food and beverages may not be consumed on the bus. Dispose of your rubbish in an appropriate fashion. Respect the neighbours when disembarking from the bus.