Big Pineapple Music Festival 2017 is an 18 Y/O+ event only. 

Get your mitts on some Big Pineapple Music Festival Tickets!  

Tickets are on sale on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 9TH at 9AM.

Make sure you read up on all the info on tickets, bus tickets and camping before purchasing yours!  

‘Time to Pay' allows you to book your tickets now and pay in easy monthly payments. 'Time to Pay' bookings attract a $9.95 Administration Fee. This administration fee and your first payment will be processed once you click 'PAY NOW'. We’ll send you a confirmation e-mail to your stated e-mail address when all payments have been successfully processed

Important Information
1. Your first payment will be processed upon setup, then payments are processed on a fixed monthly date until full payment is received.
2. By selecting 'Time to Pay' you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the The Ticket Group contract, which can be read in full here 
3. Tickets must be paid in full, prior to the event. 
4. If there are more than two defaults on instalment payments the tickets will be cancelled. Ticket funds collected to date will NOT be refunded.
5. If tickets are cancelled due to defaulted payments, The Ticket Group cannot guarantee the ability to re-purchase the tickets (for example, if the event has sold out) or re-purchase the tickets at the original ticket price. 
6. The tickets are non-transferrable for other events. 
7. There are no refunds after the full payment has been finalised and no refunds for change of mind. 
8. Your tickets are only allocated once full payment is processed successfully


Companion tickets can be arranged for those holding a valid Companion Card and have purchased a Big Pineapple Music Festival ticket. 

The carer will be issued a complimentary ticket equivalent to the ticket(s) purchased. 

Please email or call 1300 GET TIX (438 849) with the following information:
- Forward your confirmation email showing your ticket purchase
- Scan of your valid Companion Card
- Name and DOB of your Companion
- Email address of your Companion – their ticket will be issued to this email address. 
- All Companion Card requests must be made PRIOR to the event.